Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reserve: County Discussing Solid Waste Program

By Richard Torres

On Sept. 3, the Catron County Commission held an emergency meeting to discuss the Solid Waste Program
The current payment system is not adequate to fund the Solid waste program in Catron County. In fact, the county transferred monies, approximately $300,000, from the general fund to the solid waste fund.
The purpose of this meeting was to place in motion steps to make the Program financially viable. The meeting was attended by Forestry, county personnel, as well as concerned citizens.
Among the proposals: Increase fees for all users of the “convenience centers”(trash sites); adjust man-hours at convenience centers; combine/eliminate convenience centers if not financially sound; reduce trucking costs; and develop an Ordinance for the Solid Waste Program. Any proposal approved will only affect central/western part of the county-Northern part of the county will be dealt with at a latter date. County Commissioners have been reviewing the Solid Waste Program for eight years.
Another special meeting for this Program has been scheduled for Friday, Sept. 10. Citizens are encouraged to attend to voice positive proposals.

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