Friday, September 24, 2010

EDITORIAL: Stop The Bleeding

Just Thinking Out Loud
By Gary Jaramillo

Okay folks, here it is.  I’m up to here, as I’m sure everyone is, with this ongoing cheap little game the SEC board is playing.  There is a really quick way to sweep this sick game in to the disposal once and for all and avoid all of the lawsuits and courtrooms, and every other dirty little hide n go seek game that is going on in trusteeland.  We want a recall of ALL of the board members.
 That’s right.
 No more wasting time, paper, ink or brain cells on these people who don’t have a clue as to what their jobs are and are determined to cover up all of the stink bombs they’ve built in the back room somewhere.  I honestly think it’s because so much junk has been done and hidden, that none of them are quite sure where they put it – and they’re scared to death.  When do elected and appointed officials start protecting us and helping us guys?  I’m bone weary over this kind of self serving junk already.
Not one tenured trustee has stood up and condemned what is going on in all this time.  Silence can be just as damaging as bad actions, and it lends itself to condoning bad actions taken by fellow trustees. 
The Mountain Mail is being sued by these embarrassing dolts and the whole of us have been treated like strangers and people who have absolutely no say in their own futures!
I’m done – the Mountain Mail is done – and I hope all of our readers and the readers of the Defensor Chieftain are done with this freakish nightmare as well.  The D.A. is not going to do a damn thing because that would entail some work.  He says, “as far as I know, a crime has not been committed”?
They just fired two top employees for “alleged illegal stuff Clint!”
 He also said, “it’s a company matter, and they are dealing with it,” Holy Smokes!  He can see the mushroom cloud from his office but refuses to budge.  The more things change, the more the D.A. stays the same.  It’s sickening. 
What - does everything have to be brought to this guy on a silver platter already investigated and tried, so all he has to do is copy and paste, before he’ll do anything?
That’s nothing but plain laziness, and I don’t want to hear, “we are short handed”.  That’s a lot of bull!  Which is it Clint?  No crime has been committed or we’re short handed???
If there are 5 people out there who are truly willing to sit on the SEC board to replace the current knuckle heads and let the forensic auditors do a FULL AUDIT and force the D.A. to do a FULL investigation without another goofy self appointed board committee telling them where and when they can look, call the Mountain Mail Newspaper or come in and give us your names.  It’s time for a recall.
 No more baloney folks!
 Someone’s got to take the lead and it doesn’t look like anyone is really serious about finishing this thing once and for all.  Forget the lawsuits, lies and questionable lawyers looking for a bucket of public money for their trouble. The idiotic antics stop now!  This SEC Board’s time is up and it’s our duty to sweep them out the front door.  NOW!
Pursuant to Article 5 – Section 5 of the SEC By-Laws: Any member may bring charges against a trustee of his or her district and, by filing with the Secretary such charges in writing together with a petition signed by at least 10% of the members of the trustees district, may request the removal of such trustee by reason thereof.  
There is nothing to be afraid of neighbors.  These guys aren’t scary.  They don’t have any special powers (other than convincingly acting the fool at a moment’s notice).
So ….All trustees may be removed by virtue of recall pretty quickly and without a lot mud slinging, and can be replaced at the very same time by others who are willing to step in until the next election.  I just know that won’t be a problem. Is there is anyone out there that doesn’t know that our rates will skyrocket once this mess hits the courtroom?  We’ve got to stop it now!  This minute folks!  Grab your broom and let’s get to sweeping.
Call 575-838-5555 and let us know if you are interested in serving as a replacement in the recall of your district trustee representative.  If you are interested in spearheading your petition for your district, let us know immediately.  It shouldn’t be a problem to get 10% in each district really quick.  It’s time to put up or shut up.
 You want change?  Well, here’s your opportunity.  Enough is enough!   We act now – and we act as one!


Staff Sergeant Melissa Kass was misidentified in a story on the front page of last week’s Mountain Mail. And Dave Wheelock wrote the column on page 4 last week and not Jack Fairweather.

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