Thursday, September 23, 2010

It’s Definitely Time To Punt

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wiltshire

In football when a team has not been able to achieve the advancement they have worked for they often choose to punt. To punt, kicking the ball through the goal posts, can get you some points. Punting has often saved a game and sometimes can win a game.
For humans it’s time to punt.
For you, what are the three most valuable things on earth, and in your life? The answer is not sentimental, it’s real. According to John Folger of Investopedia, there are only 1,011 billionaires. The world population is just under 7 billion, short by a few hundred million. The UN reports that the richest one percent own 40 percent of world wealth.
Guess what, they are not making jobs for you. Upward mobility is not in their interest. It is looking good for Republicans in November and they can thank democrats for that. The democrats of “yes we can” have become the “no we won’t” party.
Explore Harry Teague’s record. Find out where he stands on Congressional corruption reform.
Folklore can educate. You are about to see the snake swallow it’s tail. The Republican lie: it’s Obama’s recession, not Bush’s recession. Actually it’s Congress’s recession but who cares for truth?
The US is about to put more of the same in office.Okay, the sooner the world of multinationals implodes the better.
It’s going to be a mess for “We the People” to clean up and the sooner we get to it the better. “We the people” now is also multinational; be nice, team work wins.
Let multi-nationals donate to these street gangs we call our two party system. The Supreme Court says it’s okay. Save your money you’ll need it; at least, while it is still worth anything.
Multinationals have stolen your government. Go to the polls and vote an empty ballot. Now there’s a punt with a message. That’s a real tea party.
The three most valuable things for humans are, water, air and a healthy earth. Without them everything else doesn’t matter. That’s not a romantic fable, that’s basic reality.
Guess who’s giving these three to multinationals? Your government is generous.
Gold is a somewhat heavy, soft metal that is good for making trinkets that shine. Gold is as valuable as you think it is. Here in the west, the pursuit of gold led some to be without water, food and sometimes air. They didn’t survive.
Government could be “For the People”; ours isn’t. There has already been a revolution. We planned this government for change, for revolution if need be, or through our law making body.
We did not plan on bribes and corruption to this extent. Now we know that’s another way to change our government.
Honestly, government isn’t our biggest problem. The environment is not just the name of the tug of war game governments play.
Environment is everything you need to live.2012, for Maya it means the earth will change its axis a bit. It does that every once in a while.
When it does there are big changes in earth’s weather and land mass movement. Others say we are approaching a time of big extinctions. I’m not a pro on any of this.
The rainy season in Guatemala this year has been devastating. Since April 1st it hasn’t let up and there may not be a single road in the country that hasn’t been damaged.
The Pan-American highway (much like our interstates) was hit hard recently. A mud slide covered two trucks and a bus, rescuers were also hit by yet another slide. About 40 died.
You have probably heard about the continuing earthquakes and flooding happening just about everywhere. Often hundreds and thousands dying at a time. You can expect more of the same.
You don’t have to be an expert to see that the way multi-nationals are doing business may make it worse. BP’s oil spill certainly didn’t help the food supply.
We have to get our heads out of our fables. This isn’t “doom and gloom”, this isn’t an environmental disaster flick where some teenage boy raised on computer games saves the day.
Maya have confidence that indigenous people who remember their skills may survive. Fabric making, rope making, farming, flour making, sewing (without a machine), metal making, shoe making, the list grows. Do you have these skills?
Add hunting and fishing if there are any critters left.
Your government, the multinational one, is with you in this.
Rich people will go to Washington to work, people will buy $40,000 cars, $350,000 homes and keep Wal-Mart in business. How long can you keep this up? Ask the snake before it disappears down it’s own throat.
You can believe fables, deny reality; but I’d punt.
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