Friday, September 24, 2010

Magdalena Library Board Discusses Opening

By John Larson

MAGDALENA – Mayor pro tem Diane Allen and Trustee Tommy Torres met with the Magdalena Library Board Wednesday afternoon to discuss filling the librarian position in the wake of Lucy Pino’s resignation last week.
Library Board director Donald Wiltshire told the Mountain Mail that the process may take up to three months.
“The three months includes familiarizing and training the new person once he or she is hired,” Wiltshire said. “The first step is to post the position opening, and then the reviewing of the applicants. The new director will then be trained.”
Wiltshire said it will take about a week for him to prepare a job description.
“The job entails a lot,” he said. “It takes in not only being librarian, but also Boxcar Museum curator. The person will also be writing grants, being familiar with the Inter-Library Loan system, assisting people with computer usage and training for adults as well as kids, and all the other library services.
“And basically getting familiar with what people want to read. Recommending and ordering books.”
Wiltshire said the librarian also conducts tours of the library and Boxcar Museum for tourists and visitors to the village.
“The complete job description should be posted in about a week,” he said.
In the meantime, Wiltshire will share interim librarian duties with Annie Danielson.
A discussion was also held concerning weatherization of the building, the historic Santa Fe depot.
Susan Schuhardt of Friends of the Library said members of that group will focus on putting up the storm windows, tacking down siding on the west side of the building, cleaning the gutters, and contacting the propane supplier for advise on other needed repairs.

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