Thursday, September 23, 2010

LETTER: Gubernatorial Campaigns

To the editor:

Mirthful tears are still in my eyes. I have seen the TV ad where Susana Martinez is answering an attack ad on education by Diane Denish. Susana dismantles the ad and the ad’s spokes teacher. The teacher is married to a felon, convicted by Susana and serving a 23 year prison term. You can’t make stuff like this up!
The TV spot contrasts two women. One has been sitting quietly and demurely behind her mentor for eight years, and believing she is entitled to become our next governor.
The other woman has been busy about the people’s business locking up criminals and making her county safer. She believes her next job is restoring integrity to the Round House and to New Mexico.
It is a contrast of two campaigns. One so desperate it can only sling mud, just hoping something will stick somewhere. An inept campaign, that doesn’t adequately vet the people who speak for its candidate, that can’t explain why it is behind and is wondering if there will still be a coronation.
The other campaign is bold, dynamic, and determined to advance its candidate. This campaign is not conceding ground, not folding its tent, and not going home.
I didn’t even see this ad on television. I saw it on a national news blog and I have found it on YouTube. A national audience is now scoffing at the ineptness of one campaign and enjoying the professionalism of the other.
Public office is not a birthright, and being the good soldier for eight years is not qualification enough for the Governor’s office. When your ideas are bad and your solutions are wrong, you lose elections. New Mexicans have had enough of those.
It is indeed time for a “Bold Change.”
That’s my nickle [sic].

Gene Brown

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