Thursday, September 23, 2010

14 Computers Lost In Small Fire At Tech

Mountain Mail reports

According to a press release from New Mexico Tech, a small fire broke out in Speare Hall’s room 15, a first floor computer lab, at about 8 a.m. Saturday, roughly the same time that many buildings on campus lost electricity.
The drywall, ceiling tiles and fire door contained the blaze to the single room. The precise cause of the fire is not known, the release said. The Socorro Fire Department put out the blaze, which started in computer equipment.
Mike Topliff, director of the Computer Center, or TCC, said room 15 in Speare Hall will be closed for gutting and restoration over the next few weeks.
Facilities Management assistant director Jim McLain met with an insurance adjustor and a cleaning firm Monday. Rockefeller Cleaning and Restoration of Albuquerque began the clean-up process Tuesday.
All 14 computers, a copier and other equipment was deemed a complete loss. The ceiling tiles and sheet rock walls will also be replaced.
None of the other rooms in Speare Hall were damaged; however, some ceiling tiles in adjacent rooms will be replaced.
Speare 15 is a student com-puter lab that did not house any classes.

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