Thursday, September 23, 2010

LETTER: Commissioner Challenges Article

To the editor:
This is a reference to your paper dated Sept. 9, 2010. Your article “Supreme Court Orders Secretary of State to look into Reserve, located on page 9.
You have stated there are improper and possible criminal behavior of many individuals employed in both the village of Reserve and the County of Catron. As a County Commissioner I would certainly like to know exactly what the improper and criminal behavior you have alleged is happening in our county employees. Apparently you have been given information by a crackpot. Who, What, When and Where is apparent nowhere.
Any more allegations of dubious criminal violations, will convince me that I don’t need your paper anymore.

Hugh B. McKeen
Glenwood, NM

Editor’s note: All the information contained in the Reserve article was taken from court documents and the Mountain Mail will continue to cover the case.


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