Friday, September 24, 2010

LETTER: Pie Festival A Success

To The editor
The 30th Annual Pie Festival was a grand event. Some say the best yet. Hard work and lots of fun did it again. It was a happy day, good food, and lots of vender booths 57 enough to suit your every need.
I’ve been told from people who were able to move about the fair grounds that we had over 1300 visitors. The festival seems to attract a couple hundred more each year. Pie Town sold over 2,632 slices of pie including the 2 Cafés. Cathy Bissey had her hands full with 74 entries in the pie-baking contest. Later Cathy was surprised with given the honor of being chosen the Queen of The Pie Town Festival 2010.
Now a list of most of those who volunteered their time, your always going to miss someone. So please don’t be offended.
John Hanrahan, Terry Noble, Karla Noble, Ken Bostick, Sharon Bostick, Nita Larronde, Tony Shannon, Joan Shannon, David Esser, Jeanmarie Esser, Karen Bingham, Cathy Bissey, Mary Biship, Charlotte Campball, Pat Smith, Beverly Loude’, Steve Kotales, Cathy Accord, Gary Accord, Uncle River, Marjorie Jensen, Megan Bortasevich, Michelle Wegner, Betsy Pfeiffer, Tom Pfeiffer, Bryce Pfeiffer, Terri Brown, David Brown, Debby Caraway, Carol McKee, Abarm Gutierrez, Will Chavez, Sue Bolander, Bob McClellan, Allan Lambert, Timber McPhaul, Thelma McKee, Margaret Walker, Dave Williams, Tony Parker, Jack Stocker, Norman, Daily Pie Café, Pie-O-Neer café, Top of The World Store, All the Men and Woman who helped roll and make pies Sept. 9th, Ruth Hanrahan.

Ruth Hanrahan
Pie Town

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