Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magdalena Talks Recycling

By John Larson

MAGDALENA - The Village Board of Trustees heard a presentation by resident Laurie Ware concerning recycling in Magdalena.
She said what is needed is a corridor of recycling along Highway 60 down to Socorro.
“There is a need to make it easier for residents to recycle typical consumer items, such as plastics, glass aluminum, paper and cardboard. All those things that we use up at home,” she said.
“Rural recycling has to be a partnership, and what is needed is volunteers. It can be self-supporting, and not something the village has to pay for. Right now I believe plastics are bringing $45 a ton, and cardboard $90 a ton,” Ware said.
David Brown of Datil, a member of the New Mexico Recycling Coalition, echoed Ware’s comment on the need for volunteers.
He said grant money from Keep New Mexico Beautiful may be a good source for support.
“What is recommended is getting a non-profit together,” Brown said. “There’s money out there for grants, but it comes down to people wanting it to happen.
“These things are not trash, but a resource we can sell. That is the goal,” he said.
Mayor Sandy Julian said the village may be able to provide a place for collection “ if the system for picking it up is already in place.”
“We don’t want to open a place first, and then nobody comes. And then the village is stuck with it,” Julian said. “Find out all you can about it, and set up a program first.”

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