Thursday, September 23, 2010

LETTER: Feeling Sick

To the editor:
And it just goes on and on!
1. Soon to be higher electric bills
2. Two attorneys for us to pay for, both of whom will work AGAINST us.
3. Continuation of “Wagner abuse”.
4. Still 10 “trustees” instead of 5.
5. Insurance benefits for them continue - better than we, the bill-payers have.
6. Mismanagement and fraud have been covered up.
7. Meetings 4 times instead of once, requiring payment for each.
8. Committee meetings, also requiring payment for themselves. (Wolberg may not take compensation but continues to toss monkey-wrenches because he is SO important!)
9. Attending and being paid for travel to meetings from which we get no returns.
10. High salaries for possibly incompetent and dishonest employees.
11. Trustees using lawyers we must pay to defend themselves against same employees?
12. Are YOU feeling as sick as I am about it all?

Barbara Moore

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