Friday, September 24, 2010

Newsweek Ranks Tech In Top 10

By John Larson

SOCORRO - New Mexico Tech is the nation’s tenth most desirable rural school of higher education, according to Newsweek magazine. The Socorro university is regarded as one the best technical schools in the United States, and is the only public school on the list, sharing the top 10 with the likes of nationally known colleges Dartmouth, Amherst and Bowdoin.
Tech has also made a strong showing in Newsweek’s 25 Most Desirable Small Schools, coming in at number 19 in the nation. Private schools also dominate that list, with New Mexico Tech being the sole public school.
Tech President Dan Lopez said he was appreciative of the acknowledgment.
“We are gratified to see this recognition of our dedicated faculty and staff who work hard to make sure New Mexico Tech is a great school,” Lopez said. “Being ranked by Newsweek is more than just invaluable exposure. These lists show that our instruction is second-to-none and that a degree from Tech is a valuable commodity.”
He said the publicity could benefit the university in several ways.
“It is helpful all the way around. Not only could it help enrollment, but it looks good for our sponsors of every type and description,” Lopez said. “This would be in the area of research for private companies, as well as  grants from the National Science Foundation, and various federal programs.”
The education company Kaplin conducted the research for Newsweek’s desirability rankings, which are based on admissions, test scores, endowment, student-to-faculty ratio, retention, as well as climate and the quality of facilities, housing, and dining.
According to a press release from New Mexico Tech, the “Most Desirable Small Schools” list was designed to target the universities that produce the world's best minds. This ranking was based on data about which universities' graduates go on to become Nobel laureates, MacArthur "geniuses," or Guggenheim fellows, Rhodes Scholars, Fulbright Fellows and other top-notch scholars.
“If New Mexico Tech qualifies for one national ranking, that’s a feather in our cap,” Lopez said. “The fact that Tech is included in every major national ranking just shows the quality of education students receive here and the high caliber of our faculty.”

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