Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Twists In The Reserve Election Case

By John Severance

The circumstances surrounding the Reserve Election case gets stranger and stranger.
Last Wednesday, Seventh Judicial District judge Matthew Reynolds held an evidentiary hearing and dismissed the case but did not sign an order.
Two days later, Bob Caylor’s attorney, Sherry Tippett, filed a motion to have the judge excused and have his ruling set aside.
On Monday, Reynolds recused himself and it’s expected now that Kevin Sweazea will hear the case.
“The case will be kicked over to Sweazea,” Village attorney William Perkins said. “He can issue an order, he can conduct a new hearing, he can consider the motions and make his own decisions.”
And on Tuesday, Tippett filed a writ of mandamus to the State Supreme Court, insisting the Secretary of State and Attorney General initiate an investigation into the case.
“I do think the Secretary of State needs to get involved,” Perkins said. “An outside party needs to look at this."

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