Friday, September 24, 2010

Alamo: Cell Service Coming Soon

By Nathalie Nance
and Gary Jaramillo

An area close to the center of the Alamo community is currently being prepared for the construction of a cell phone tower. The tower might already be up and running by the end of the month, according to Chapter Vice President, Annabell Pino. However, the current site might just be temporary.
“We are still waiting for the readings. We need to do more testing to see how it works and how many users can get service there,” said Pino. “In about six months we will know if that site will be permanent or if the tower will be in any of the other areas we have looked at. We chose this site because it is close to the center with the school and everything, where there are a lot of users.”
The initial estimate is that a three mile radius around the tower will have service, but the final testing will tell how big the area really is.
The tower is built by Comnet and it is a so-called roaming tower. That means all calls, no matter what your cell service is, will be connected through Comnet. It will only work for users with regular phone plans, not with prepaid plans, like Tracphone. However, some people say those work too, at least in some places, but there is no guarantee.
“We’re so distant. If we could get a company like Verizon or AT&T out here eventually depends on how many users there are and what is cost effective, but we keep reminding them that we do exist out here,” said Pino.
The process to get the tower built started in 2009 and was initiated by Alamo Chapter officials. A request from the start has been that 911 should always work, regardless of which cell service provider you have. In order for 911 to work all physical addresses also need to be verified.
“We want to make sure people here are safe,” said Pino.
Red Ribbon
The 19th Annual Red Ribbon Run to Socorro ended at Clarke Field last week with a Pizza and Soda party for the participating runners and sponsors.
 Janice Henderson, prevention specialist and Red Ribbon Run coordinator has been involved with the run for the last 6 years and explained that the idea from the inception of the run was to help kids overcome negative things in their lives and stay away from drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse violence, and build a strong and responsible life for themselves and their families.  “The run is growing larger and larger every year”, Henderson said.
Mr. Raymond Apachito Sr. was along for the run and was very happy with the outcome of the run and told the Mountain Mail that he has been involved with the run for the better part of it’s 19 year history.   Socorro County Deputy Shorty Vaiza has run in all but one Red Ribbon event as well.  He said, “when it first started, it was called the Drug Free Run and was changed sometime later.”  “The best part about it, is that it’s still going strong.” 

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