Thursday, September 23, 2010

EDITORIAL: Let’s Make An Effort

Just Thinking Out Loud
By Gary Jaramillo

You know, we all have those things that bother us, and they are truly huge to each and every one of us personally. Those things might be thought of as insignificant to others, and that can be very frustrating. But there is nothing wrong with telling others what you think about a certain subject or action taken by an elected or appointed official or someone with some kind of power.
We all have our own special ideas about what those people’s duties should be, and the way they should handle their duties. So, we get hot and cannot believe that those people aren’t doing things the way we would do them. If you can believe it - I for one, every once in a teensy while, will vent. Now I know that’s hard to believe, but I do.
And I’ll admit I may do that a bit too often. But – I don’t think that will stop any time soon. I am however trying to cut down on the word’s “hell” and “damn”. I promise – OK? I am smart enough to know that it can’t all be *(&^*(&^$&^ words and complaints, and in the end I know that we (including me) should try really hard to remember that we all share this really cool town, county and beautiful vast area we call home, and should do our very best to keep calm.
That being said, we should all try to understand (to a point) that life is not perfect, and none of us are perfect either. People do dumb things (me included) and we should realize that after someone has done something wrong, they probably know it and would love nothing more than to take it back and make it go away. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases it may be criminal and might have hurt someone else very badly. Guess we also need to remember that those people doing bad things have families that still love them and feel terrible for their bad choices and actions.
I’ll bet there isn’t any family round these parts that hasn’t had their share of goofy relatives saying or doing something out of whack. Mine included.
We can only hope that the mistakes made are not criminal and can be fixed one day by a hug or hand shake and an “I’m sorry” between good neighbors.
This Labor Day weekend, let’s all remember the generations of family relationships that have been nurtured by growing, sharing and living life together in Socorro for a very long time.
Let’s remember that those people now in question in politics are not perfect and have families that love them and want this SEC thing to be over just as bad as every other family in the SEC area.
This weekend let’s all get together and enjoy our visits with friends and neighbors and watch the kids have the times of their lives. Let’s make some wonderful memories for all of us – together.
The Socorro County Fair is a time for all kinds of joyous events and watching good old friends come together again. For one weekend, let’s forget those things that upset us and try to follow the path that Gary Perry lead his whole life long - for just one weekend – smile, ask “how ya doin’, shake hands, and wish everyone you see in town and at the Fairgrounds - a great day. Gary would really like that. Yes sir, he would like that a lot.

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