Friday, September 24, 2010

LETTER: Puerto Seguro Donations

To the editor
Puerto Seguro provides help to not only the homeless but all those who are in need in our community.  It provides meals, food packages, a place to shower and do laundry, connections with social services, and in cases of dire need it arranges for shelter for folks in local motels.  It's not only a safe harbor, it's a place of hope for those who are almost without hope in our community.
Puerto Seguro has always had a very small budget, but the County Commission had to cut $3,000 of funding for it.  It has to face the coming cold months that start very soon with even less for those who have so little.
Those of us in the Peace Vigil have raised $635 for Puerto Seguro and are continuing to raise more.  We challenge other organizations and groups of employees at any business to meet or better our donation.
You can drop off a donation at Sundance Gifts on the Plaza, or contact Duane Baker at Puerto Seguro when you've got several donations you want to give as a group.  All donations are tax-deductible.
Everyone is stressed in these bad times.  But those who have so little have even less now.

Arf Epstein

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