Thursday, September 23, 2010

EDITORIAL: What A Great Weekend At The County Fair

Just Thinking Out Loud
By Gary Jaramillo

Labor Day Weekend turned out to be really nice for everyone at the Socorro County Fair.
The Parade was really long and had some super entrants. There were tons of people on the main street supporting the Parade and having a great time. It was hard to tell at times if the kids or their parents were more excited about the candy and goodies being tossed from the floats into the crowds. It was easy to tell that lots of work went into the Parade entrants floats. But I’m sure everyone had a great time.
Of course with the Labor Day Weekend came the prospective campaigns from Socorro and around the State – even the two ladies running for the Governor’s spot paid a visit to all of us during the weekend festivities. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Susanna and Diane in a three-round boxing exhibition? Might as well – they’re going at each other on TV like someone stole their favorite lip gloss.
Oh, and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Pauline Jaramillo for inadvertently leaving her candidacy and name out of the Republican Party’s advertisement in our paper.
Pauline is running for Commissioner in the November General Election and wanted everyone to know that she supports the Socorro County Fair along with all of the other candidates in the running.
Now I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen so many professional and beautiful young ladies everywhere you looked at the Fair this year. Of course, that’s the case each and every County Fair. From three year-olds to the Fair Queen and in between, those young ladies are to be commended for their sweet dispositions, manners and the proud way they carry themselves. Their moms and dads should be very proud of their girls.
The young men also carried themselves very well and every last one of them always greeted me with “Sir”. I think I like that?
Does that make me old, or have those boys just been taught respect for their elders? Gosh, I hate that I’m now an elder person type thingy. Anymoo,
I have to congratulate all of the young men and women who are so involved in the fair every year. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate those parents who raised those kids right. It’s nice to know that most kids really do respect their elders and their peers as well. They also know what good old fashioned hard work is too.
I also learned that when a horse is not a boy horsey and you are standing right behind it when it backs its hind legs out – git really quick - ‘cause girl horseys pee backwards – and reeeally far. Fortunately for me I was only hit across my lower leg while the belly laughs could be heard from everyone with a cowboy hat on all across the fair grounds.
The kids knew it was going to happen and not one said a word.
Guess they wanted me to stop asking so many questions? Hey wait a minute ….. it may be those kids weren’t raised right after all? Ah, I’d of done the exact same thing when I was a kid too. You just can’t pass up an opportunity to watch an old fat guy jump out of the way of a peein’ horsey, now can you?
Just like the horse that got me, those kids are just all full of p_ _ s and vinegar and feeling their oats. Ah, to be young again. I think I saw a couple of the horses smirking as I walked away shaking my leg, which must have looked hilarious to the riders and horses alike.
I must congratulate the Barrel Racers, Bronc and Bull Riders as well. Courage and pure athleticism is the only word I can think of to describe the people who work with horses of all kinds and bulls. Man oh man! My admiration for the Rodeo Clowns is pretty high up there on the rating scale too. They literally keep cowboys and girls alive out there. There is nothing but flesh and bone between them and the animals involved. What raw courage. Amazing and very scary to watch. But all heroes for sure.
The Local, County and State Police said everything was pretty quiet at the Fair and all around the county, so all in all another Labor Day County Fair was a success and everyone was FAIRLY safe. Get it? FAIR – LY? Little fair joke? I crack myself up. Guess that’s it for this years fair stuff. I must be moooving along. Ha. I really do crack myself up.
Happy Fall Everyone – it’ll be here quicker than you can jump out of the way of a peeing horsey.

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