Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magdalena Librarian Resigns Post

By John Larson

MAGDALENA –  Lucy Pino, longtime Librarian for the Magdalena Public Library, has resigned. Pino, who took over as librarian in 2002, submitted her letter of resignation at Monday night’s Village Board meeting, following a statement by Mayor Sandy Julian quashing rumors that the library was closing.
“I never said I was closing the library,” Julian said, referring to the last board meeting. “Rumors were flying all over town that the mayor and the board wanted to close the library. I repeat, we are not going to close the library.”
She said her intention at the last board meeting was primarily to solicit ideas on ways to cut heating costs during the winter months, especially in the evening hours.
“I wanted to get a discussion going with the board and then meet with Lucy (Pino) and the Friends of the Library,” Julian said. “We want the library to be able to operate within the budget on heating costs. We want keep it open, and never said anything about closing it.”
Pino handed a copy of her resignation to the mayor and each trustee.
Trustee Barbara Baca and Julian both said they would not accept the resignation. Trustees Tommy Torres, Diane Allen and Carmen Torres echoed that sentiment.
“I do no want to accept this but I can’t make you work,” Julian told Pino. “So it is with great sadness, I accept it.”
Pino said she would not reconsider her decision and that she had already cleaned out her desk. “I have already made other plans,” she said.
Pino’s letter stated, in part, that she has “completed all of the goals I set for myself when I came into your employ eight years ago and know that there are many others in the community who can continue to serve the community as I have done.
“Unfortunately, I have … other commitments during the next month or so, therefore, I will not be able to provide you with two weeks notice. I have enjoyed my work here and will be sad to leave it, but I am looking forward to serving the community in other ways.”
Pino is also giving up her position as Boxcar Museum Curator.
Don Wiltshire, President of the Library Board, said the library will continue to operate normally.
“We are open on our regular schedule, and have no plans to change hours at this point,” Wiltshire said. “At this point we’re trying to put together a roster of people for a job sharing kind of approach to cover the 40 hours the library is open each week. Possibly breaking it up amongst two, three or four people.”
He said a meeting has been planned with Mayor Pro-Tem Diane Allen for next Wednesday, Sept. 22, to discuss a replacement for Pino to be presented to the village board.
In the meantime, discussions have begun on ways to lower propane usage. Wiltshire said the library building – the former Santa Fe Railroad depot – will be checked for insulation and drafts, and several volunteers have offered to help.
“I believe there are only one or two inches of insulation in the ceilings, and don’t know if the walls are insulated at all,” Wiltshire said. “In some places there are inch-and-a-half cracks where [depot loading] doors used to be. A good deal could be done with weatherization, and putting the storm windows back up.
“We’ve already had people say they would bring tools and caulking strips and things like that,” he said. “We have a lot working on that avenue.”
Trustee Barbara Baca told the Mountain Mail that Pino has “done wonders for that library and brought it from nothing to what it is today. She always had a friendly greeting when I or my grandkids have gone in there. She always went above and beyond her basic responsibilities. She brought it all together.”

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