Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Man Winter Pays Luna A Frosty Visit

Luna News
By Kay Mindar

Luna has officially been visited by Old Man Winter. On the night of Dec. 14, he blew into town and still was making a visit not to be soon forgotten the following morning. Even now I am typing my column as quickly as possible; as the power cannot decide if it will stay on or off and I am not sure of the battery capability of this computer or if I will be able to print this.
I was picturing in my mind how I would be sitting at the desk, next to a lantern; OK, it would be battery operated and in a notebook; by hand today’s community news.
Although I would still be taking advantage of some technologies where when the Internet goes down; the fax machine still works. I am still hoping for a blip of electric to print this out.
Lunaity is an amazing valley in its extreme degrees of weather; you can unfortunately get to the point of taking for granted the sun and dry roads and within hours be buried by under three feet of snow hoping to conserve the well water in the tank long enough to get through to the next transformation in the weather pattern that will come.
Sun electric, warm, even freezing nights and mild days that will be bringing you back to nearly parched lands and the tall grasses. The only thing that I have found you can count on in this valley is just that: change.
Christmas At The Community Center
While many of us here in town are decorating for our personal family seasonal traditions there have been many volunteers busy to make our Luna Community Center a light in the middle of town.
The trees are decorated each year by volunteers that selflessly give their time and talents. We thank all who work so tirelessly to have aplace that the town can call their own and enjoy year round. Remember meetings are the second Tuesday of each month and all are welcomed to attend.
Please Travel Safely
The Luna valley roads can be treacherous this time of year and we ask that you travel with great caution where on moment you may see dry paths; a shadow may bring black ice under your wheels and the twists and turns on highway 180 are famous in motorcycle roads of the southwest; but can be deadly when traveling at one extreme or another; either at high speeds or riding your breaks. Our state road crew can attest to the many guardrails being replaced each winter season.
Christmas Music Program
Practices are stil be held for the first Luna “Night of Christmas” program which has been set for 6 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 13, at the Lunda L.D.S. Chapel. Please contact Alberta Nicolds for more information and watch for flyers as more information becomes available.

Quote of the Week
“How you treat me is your Karma. How I react is mine.”
-- Taken from James Van Praagh


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