Thursday, December 10, 2009

Declamation Winners

Socorro County held its annual declamation for children in Socorro, San Antonio and Magdalena in four categories at the Socorro Consolidated Schools Building on Dec. 3. From left to right in the back row: Royce Olney (third, humorous prose), Matt Major (second, humorous poetry), Haley Kiehne (third, humorous poetry), Jorrell Mirabol (second, serious prose), Tasmen Justice (third, serious poetry), Edy Swedberg (first, serious prose) and Anah Farmer (first, humorous poetry). Front row left to right: Changrui Liu (first, humorous prose), Brandon Dennis ( second, humorous prose), Autumn Bjorklund (second, serious poetry), Joshua Walsh (third, serious prose), and Maria Carilli (first, serious poetry).

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