Thursday, December 10, 2009

LETTER: Catron County Corrections

To the editor
Thought I'd offer a couple of small but important corrections to the Dec 3, 2009 article about Catron County.
The headline on page B3 refers to the “trash taxes” - this is incorrect, it isn't a tax, but a (solid waste) fee. I know it doesn't sound like much of a difference, but is is legally a very different animal.
The fee is $75.60 per year per unit, so you can see that an accrual of $1000 or more represents a great deal of non-payment. The County had placed liens on the property of the non-payers, but felt this new policy needed to be enforced in fairness to those citizens that do pay.
The solid waste fees are collected by the County Treasurer, not the NM Dept of Finance. The NM Dept of Tax and Revenue does, however, collect the property taxes, through the county.
Thanks for keeping the citizens of Catron County informed of what's going on in the County.

Bill Aymar
Catron County Manager

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