Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alamo Students Put Together An Artsy Table

By Nathalie Nance
For the Mountain Mail

Estelle Roberge and her art students at the Alamo Navajo School came up with a great idea for a school trip: They want to go to the Heard museum of Native American art in Phoenix, Ariz.
But how would they be able to afford the trip?
As an extracurricular activity they decided to make a table, featuring their own art, and then sell it to raise the money. Each student came up with a design, inspired by traditional Navajo art. The different motifs and figures were painted on tile. After the tile was baked, it was put together and framed with trimming made in shop class, where they also made the table’s stand.
All in all, the students estimate they spent two to three months working on the project. Now they hope that some one will buy this unique piece of contemporary Navajo art. They have put up flyers and might decide to eventually auction it off.
Hopefully the profit will soon take these creative students all the way to Phoenix.
And who knows, maybe the table one day will end up on display at the Heard museum?

Eberta Apache, Adina Alonzo, Douglas Apachito, Jovita Smiley and Marshelle Curley all have their original artwork featured on the table. Missing in the picture are Ambrose Begay, Elijahwan Apachito, Sasha Guerro, and Filliam Herrara, who also helped to design the tiles. Elizabeth Thomas helped with the entire project.

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