Thursday, July 29, 2010

OPINION: Oh Goodness Gracious

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wiltshire

“Goodness gracious” That’s what my Grandma use to say. If something was really outrageous she’d add “Land sakes alive”. To this day I have no idea what that really means.
I still love and repeat some of the language used by the generation born around 1900. They were the spunky ones that got us through World War One and the great depression. Most of them are memories now. Those who remember them are getting older.
Much of Magdalena was built at that time, including my old adobe. This year we will be celebrating a dozen years in our old adobe and in Magdalena. This is where we found home, and it is good.
Some people are saying that Old Timers is getting old and stale. This is just the time then to give it new life.
The “shoot out” was a fun new addition this year. Story Telling didn’t happen again and was much missed. Story Telling is so popular we could use back ups. We may need some young blood to learn the old stories. That can happen with books and materials from our library. In fact, a young “cowboy”, “cowgirl”, or “gold miner” could present the stories as if then, was now.
Many committed to the Fiesta didn’t get to do Old Timers, those committed to Old Timer events didn’t get to the Fiesta. We are not over loaded with social and community events here and many people feel it would be nice to be able to do both on different weekends.
Old Timers overshadows the 4th of July here in the village and a nice community potluck on that weekend has been suggested by many.
You can age yourself thinking it is all a hassle or give yourself new life, some fun, and happiness by getting involved. We can have more events in more places throughout the village. Most of all, people come to enjoy the history of our area. Also Magdalena’s connectedness to other parts of the county, Catron County and Alamo Reservation. We all can add to our visitor’s pleasure (and our own) by listening to their stories about why they are visiting us. It’s fun, it’s friendly and it is good business.
I am waiting on Winston’s to save my old car, I know they can, then I will go out and about (including the Village Hall) to see how I can help.
Magdalena has something good to share. Magdalena does share. Oh my goodness, you make a great home.
Sometimes in this column, I feel I’m sharing my own “old timer” stories, my autobiography. Yes, I sometimes ask myself where do I get off doing such a thing. I’m an ordinary person and like many of you I don’t feel the world is banging down my door for my story.
Our stories make us who we are. Living now makes it all worth while. I’ve learned that life is hard, everywhere for everyone. That’s universal. Sharing makes survival possible.
There are no self made people; there are people who don’t credit the help they have received.
The buzz lately has been about racism. Are we going to fall into the pit of darkness that Nazi Germany and South Africa fell into?
It wasn’t socialism that was the operative word when Hitler took over Germany, it was the hate. There were fine Germans who were not a part of his hate clan as there were fine people who were not a part of Apartheid in South Africa. In both places, people ended up hating or fearing the hate.
Could it happen here? Yes it could. The basis of bigotry is self-pity. Since I haven’t yet met a bigot that didn’t feel self-pity, resentment this is my theory.
Like all bullies, bigots are afraid. What they are really afraid of is a lack of importance. That’s the first lie, for they are as important as anyone else. Resentment about their lack of importance leads to hate, both personal self hate and certainly hate to be directed outward.
For hate and anger are very uncomfortable. It’s a real danger. It raises blood pressure and strains the body. Buried, it can become depression, another life bleeding condition. It is devastating in interpersonal relationships unless you join another hater, then more haters. Enough haters together and it’s a team, even “fun”.
It is never fun. Oh, goodness gracious, land sakes alive, do I have a story for you. I’ve hated bigots, generalize my hate to a whole southern state. But I got over it. Why and how, next time.
The Garden Club is in full swing. Last Saturday of month, 2 p.m. at the Library.
Eat Well! Farmer’s Market at Pepper’s 4 to 6 p.m.
Thank you Magdalena for teaching me about fried squash, onions, garlic, corn, roasted green chillies and cheese. Yum.

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