Thursday, July 29, 2010


To the editor:
One would hope that the trustees of SEC who are responsible for this mess (and it’s not ALL of them) will come to their senses, stop listening to Attorney Francish, and end it NOW! Maybe they still have a chance to avoid one or more class action suits being filed against them. I know there are judges who do not judge well but it is highly unlikely that they could win this one.
The members, not the trustees own the co-op and have the right to amend their own bylaws. The attorney should at the least be reprimanded and made to repay the co-op his illegally gotten gains. By rights, those trustees who have spent so much of our money on this foolishness, should also be required to repay the co-op. Additionally they would need to immediately implement the bylaws voted for by the members. That would be the intelligent thing to do.
If this is revenge against the members, they should know that the results are not likely to be what they are anticipating.

Barbara Moore

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