Thursday, July 29, 2010

EDITORIAL: State Livestock Board Keeps Rustlers At Bay

Just Thinking Out Loud
By John Severance

Cattle rustling seems to have made a comeback, according to numerous publications.
In these tough economic times, though, cattle thieves prey on some ranchers, who are desperate for a payoff.
Of course now, rustlers use trailers for their heists.
Here are some tips for cattlemen from a variety of sources.
• Visit cattle every day and count heads.
• Take time to inspect the outside fence.
• Report suspicious vehicles.
• Know local law enforcement officers and their telephone numbers.
• If possible, keep calves away from road access.
Getting away with cattle rustling, though, is difficult in New Mexico.
According to livestock inspector Tommy Padilla, there are 54 inspectors in the state, compared to just seven in Arizona. And Texas does not require proof of ownership to sell cattle.
“It’s a lot smaller world with a computer,” Padilla said. “When the livestock board started in 1877, they could not envision me tracking people on computer.
“We do a lot of road stops and we have the ability to stop vehicles that are transporting livestock.”
Padilla finds it hard to believe that Texas has such lax enforcement.
“They are the biggest cattle and livestock producers in the country but they have a very poor inspection system,” Padilla said. “You just have to take cattle to a ring to sell theim. You just have to give a description.
The best thing, Padilla said, is to make sure the cattle is branded.

Movie reviews

Beginning in August, the Mountain Mail will begin a new feature … movie reviews.
Jonathan Paul Lindsey, who was born in Socorro in 1982 and a 2001 graduate of Socorro High, describes himself as a movie fanatic for many years ever since the age of 3.
Here is his biography:
“I've traveled to a few European countries when my Dad was working for McDonnell-Douglas Airplane company such as Great Britain, Italy and Germany. However, It wasn't until 1986 when I was turning 4 that me and my family returned to the United States and settled down in St. Louis for 2 years. In May of 1989, me and my mom Arlene Lindsey and brothers Neil and Mark moved to Socorro New Mexico where my Grandparents lived.
“I graduated from Socorro High back in 2001. I'm currently employed at Smith's Grocery Store and my hobbies are writing, exercising, collecting, playing games and reading. I've been a movie fanatic for many years, ever since the age of 3 watching movies like Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and The Dark Crystal I've felt a love for cinema. Seeing the theatrical re-issue of Ghostbusters back in 1985 when I lived in Italy was a treat as I've been obsessed with movies since then and that was the moment that inspired my dream of being a critic, actor or even writer for films. My grandparents Lena and Paul Anaya are two special people to me. They, along with my mother , step father Tony and brothers support me in pursuing my lifelong dream to be a movie critic.”

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