Thursday, July 29, 2010

LETTER: Burrito Response

To the editor:
What is reprehensible is the fact that people shoot their mouths off without pre-checking the facts. Ms. Sylvia Troy in a letter to the editor in the Mountain Mail slandered Mr. Nick Innerbichler regarding the sale of burritos to the Village for the firefighters battling the fire at his warehouse in Magdalena.
The truth is that Mr. Innerbichler was not aware of the request made to me by the Mayor Sandy Julian regarding the aforementioned sale, which was handled by me in coordination with the mayor and a clerk of the village.
Next fact payment was not demanded by Mr. Innerbichler, the Mayor asked me to get the burritos to the firefighters, and to present the Village Office with the necessary invoicing for payment, which I did.
The fact is that someone in the Village Business Office provided data to a non Village office employee (Ms. Sylvia Troy) in violation of the rights of privacy of a Village business, whoever divulged this information should be severely reprimanded.

Dolores Martinez

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