Thursday, July 29, 2010

Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

By John Larson

SOCORRO - The man charged with being responsible for the death of Theresa Saiz-Chavez, was arraigned in District Court Tuesday, July 27.
John Hayden of Socorro pleaded not guilty before Judge Kevin Sweazea in a courtroom packed with over 60 people, including family members of Saiz-Chavez.
Defense attorney Lee Deschamps asked that Hayden’s bond be reduced to $25,000, but Sweazea ruled that bond will remain at $750,000.
A trial date is still weeks, if not months away, according to District Attorney Clint Wellborn.
“We are still collecting evidence and State Police investigators are still interviewing people, so it’s hard to say when we’ll go to trial because of the complexity of the case,” Wellborn said.
He also said that since the Supreme Court struck down the “six month rule,” the case could go to trial much later than expected.
Charges against Hayden – murder in the first degree, kidnapping, and aggravated battery – stem from an incident on June 8 under a bridge in a diversion channel on the north end of Chaparral Drive.
The body of Saiz-Chavez was discovered by police on June 9 in the trunk of her car parked under the bridge. Evidence presented by law enforcement officials at Hayden’s preliminary hearing in June included Hayden’s statements from interviews with state police, a recording of a 911 call made by Saiz-Chavez from the trunk of her car, and physical evidence from the ditch bank road leading to the bridge.
Wellborn said the prosecution will provide a jury with evidence that implicates Hayden, and will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hayden pushed the victim into the trunk of her car.


  1. hi iam john james haydens oldest daughter jacqueline peters i don't under stand why tharesah was saying that my father did this to her and that they where only friends cuse i can recall on meny ocashions that i talked to the both of them and they where happy with one another and she use to pick up his phone when he was at work and me and her would talk for like an hour and she would tell me how much she loved him so all this is bull

  2. Friends and family of Hayden are coming off illiterate. Learn to spell or use spell check.