Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surviving A 180 On Highway 180

Luna News
By Kaye Mindar

Last week while in my normal super woman mode, I was trying to do too much in one morning and I did a 180 on Highway 180. Actually it was a flying leap. I hit a patch of ice from a side road clean-out pile and my little red Camry and I flew 60 feet into another roadside snow bank. It was terrifying, and I’m not usually such a wimp.
The crazy thing was I had driven over Luna Mountain on solid ice earlier; went over the mountain again to Springerville; and was heading home after a very busy morning on seemingly dry roads near the Catholic Church in Alpine, Ariz. The noises of a car accident are scary enough, but the aftershock was so much easier to handle when the workers from Navo-pache Electric stopped to help me out of the front seat and contact my family. Thankful to live in Luna, so close to the state line, I knew that whoever stopped would help me as though I was family.
I located my cell phone and called my son, who was the last person I had seen before going towards home. When Alpine Fire and Ambulance arrived on scene they knew my son - having worked with him in many EMS cases in the past - and watched for him. There were no gawkers; there were only genuinely concerned family, neighbors and friends.
I want to thank Harris Automotive and Daniel Harris for introducing himself to the Arizona DPS officers as “my friend,” and Sam Harris getting there and just checking in on me. Another small town coincidence I told the officer he probably got asked all the time about knowing a person’s relatives, but he did know my cousin out of Show Low and my son from working in Greer. It’s just too fun.
My son took personal responsibility for me and got me to the Emergency Room in Springerville to meet up with my husband. I have had a rough week in recuperating and have felt so much that goes with a small town in prayers, meals and caring phone calls and help from so many.

Night of Sacred Music

The second annual "Night of Sacred Music" is scheduled for March 28 at 6 p.m. at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Luna. This is an all denominational musical program by choir, special numbers and congregational singing and the music will be focused on the Savior, Jesus Christ. Practices are being held at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoons at the Luna Ward Chapel. Everyone is invited to participate and encouraged to attend.

Reserve Reunion

The Reserve School Reunion will be held June 25-27, for more information you can contact the committee web site or call Alice Estrada (533-6477), Ed Romero (533-6552). Art Bustamante (533-6599), and Sue Hobbs Spurgeon (533-6295). This is for anyone who has ever attended Reserve High School; also students, faculty, employees or anyone associated with Reserve Schools is invited. Please help spread the word. Graduation is not a requirement.

Community Center

Kudos goes out to Richard Nicolds for the beautiful new women’s bathroom sink and cabinet in the Luna Community Center. We thank all so much who sacrifice their time and talents in constantly volunteering the upkeep on our building.

Quote of the week:

“Irish Blessing: May the Good Lord take a liking to you... but not too soon!”
~Author Unknown


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