Thursday, March 11, 2010

Purple Toilets Are For Good Cause

By John Larson

SOCORRO – There are 20 more days for two purple toilets to show up on front yards throughout Socorro.
At the last city council meeting, Socorro High School student Mariah Deters, representing the INTERACT club, told councilors that the toilet was part of a fundraising project for the annual Relay For Life.
“This is a different way to raise money for the American Cancer Society,” Deters said. “We will deposit a purple toilet in people’s front yards. The idea is to have people pay 10 dollars for us to move it off.”
She said people can have other options.
“For 15 dollars you can have it moved to a specific person’s lawn, and for an extra five dollars you can do it anonymously,” Deters said. “For every day the toilet is on someone’s lawn, they will be charged five dollars.
She said a $20 donation to the Relay For Life will buy immunity from the game.
“The INTERACT club has always done fund raisers Socorro’s Relay For Life, like car washes and bake sales, but this year we wanted something more fun, more interesting,” she said. “In years past we’re procrastinated until the last minute, so this time we started earlier to give more time to surpass our goal.”
The purple toilet fundraiser began last week, when a purple toilet appeared on the lawn of Jon Spargo.
A second toilet was being donated by Councilor Gordy Hicks.
“We’re starting with a goal of $1,000, but the more we reach the better,” Deters said.

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