Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mayor, Trustees Take Village Oaths

By John Larson

MAGDALENA - Two trustees and the newly elected mayor took their oaths of office Monday night at the Village Board meeting.
Mayor Sandy Julian began her four year term by promising that her door is always open.

“I will listen to anybody with a comment or complaint, or if you just want to talk,” Julian said. “You can find me either at Village Hall and everybody knows where I live.
“I will listen, I guarantee it. We will work together. The whole board; we are a team.”
The two new trustees Tommy Torres and Diane Allen, took their places alongside Carmen Torres and Barbara Baca on the board.
Looking at the board, Julian said, “Tommy, you’d think you died and went to heaven. Look at all the women around you.”
Before Jim Wolfe turned his mayoral gavel over to Julian, he said he has been told the village is “on the shortlist” for the paving of Pine Street.
“There’s a good chance we’ll get the money to pave the southern part of Pine,” Wolfe said. “We also put in for stimulus money for the telemetry and new well. We were advised that a project proposal for a pump and the telemetry is also on the shortlist.”
He said the village can expect to get $75,000 for the project.
Wolfe also said the long awaited drainage project is finally underway.
During the public input period, Magdalena Schools Superintendent Mike Chambers asked the board to consider authorizing a youth board. “I’d like to make you aware of a bill that passed the legislature this year,” Chambers said.
“It asks that municipalities consider having a youth council that would talk about issues in communities. An ancillary to this that concern our young people.”
Chambers said he would like to come to a future board meeting to discuss it further. He also said he has appreciated the help and cooperation from Marshal Larry Cearley’s office.
“In order to do an effective job at the school, community support is needed,” Chambers said. “I just want you to know this support is appreciated from the school’s standpoint. [The Marshal and the deputies] are very concerned about the kids, and that is foremost in their mind. Frankly, it makes my job easier.”
The board voted Trustee Diane Allen to be Mayor pro tem.

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