Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Dollar To Come To Magdalena

Mountain Mail reports

After three to four years of speculation, Family Dollar’s corporate office in Charlotte, N.C., has confirmed the opening of one of their stores in Magdalena.
The store will be located at 907 W. First St. (Highway 60), at the corner of First and Cedar.
According to Family Dollar Public Relations Manager Josh Braverman, the store is targeted to open in mid-summer.
“That’s our tentative date, but it should be in that time frame,” Braverman said. “We’re one of those companies growing right now. We’re opening 200 new stores this year.
“We put in new stores where people need us, and Magdalena has a need for what we have to offer,” he said. “We carry quality name brand products, everything from household paper and cleaning items, to great apparel, basic food necessities like milk and eggs, small appliances, and more. Being a national chain, we are able to maintain a wide variety of products, keep our costs down and give the best value possible to our customers.”
Braverman said the store will have a selling floor space of 7,000 square feet; “the size of our average store.”
Magdalena’s Family Dollar will be staffed with five to seven employees, he said.
“This includes management and part-time. We hire locally, and pride ourselves on being a community business. The people working there will be your neighbors.”
He said the store will begin hiring shortly before the grand opening.

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  1. That's good and bad news. The Magdalena Times, (magdalena Chamber of Commerce) circa 1884-present, just out boasts great deal of how much Magdalena is about the old fashioned times, the cow town feeling, wide open spaces and all of a sudden there is a Dollar Store. Maybe they should make the front the building stucco or adobe to fit in with the local businesses

    the New Magdalena Times (1884-present) is out in print at the Chamber of Commerce and probably in all the Magdalena Businesses, all a total of 4 pages. There is a REWARD for information on those or the photographer in front of the Magdalena Hotel circa 1880s