Thursday, April 22, 2010

OPINION: Plenty of Adventures on Earth and Stargate Universe

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wiltshire

We all have a Stargate, a pathway to the universe. The Stargate term started with a movie and later television programs. Through the media Stargate, people travel to other worlds and behave much as we do on this planet, aggressively.
All of us have a “Stargate”. We each have a mind, reasoning, intuition and imagination. We all have a Universe to attend to and be attended by. This University, our “Stargate”, our invitation to explore is always available to you.
By two years old we have experienced many teachings and usually our first conclusion is that it is good to be boss. The “terrible twos” are when parents hear back all the No and Yeses they have ever spoken. By three there is a surge of curiosity. Why this, why that, what’s this and how come is often repeated. By five we have a list of things we can’t do and then we go to school. Already many of us are in trouble. On one hand we are probably as “socialized” as we will ever be and on the other we have lost a great deal of personal confidence.
This is not neglect or abuse necessarily, it is just how we prepare children to be people we can live with. Abuse can even alter the two year old, they may be too afraid to even think of being boss, or at three to ask a question and by five socializing and learning may be major problems.
All of us have a way back, a stargate. We have to find and see it and we have to have the courage to walk trough. It is always there, your gateway, your path to anywhere and any thing. There are no age limits, any one can “travel”. It doesn’t take money, power or super brains to go anywhere in the Universe you want to go. All it takes is your curiosity, your intention.
Once you’ve mastered reading on any level you are free to develop your genius. Yes, you really are. You are a genius and you are free (at least somewhat free). The wonderful thing about this mind travel is that no one will be grading you. Your progress is as assured as your interest.
If reading or spelling is a problem, play with the dictionary or word books, even picture books. Your very first trip is learning to read? I doubt it. First you learn to notice. You listen, feel, smell and watch and you remember. One way or another you were built for great adventures.
Have you already said, “oh, I can’t”? Think of your own judgments, your own grading system as your street clothes. “Oh, I can’t” is something you put on because somewhere sometime someone told you so. That’s social thinking, your street clothes. If you want to explore, yes you can.
Some psychologists think fear is the basic emotion. That all emotions come from that. Every thing we do, all we seek comes from fear they tell us, even seeking love. Dr. Wayne Dyer feels the basic emotions are love and fear. He argues you can’t fear and truly love. This is a subject for exploration. You don’t even have to read about it (but you can).
Don’t let fear and excuses keep you from your adventures. You can explore anything.
If you read one to three books on a subject it is like taking a college course. Read 15 or more books on a subject and you’ve taken a college minor. Read 20 or more and you’ve made a major study. Combine it with your own focus, meditations, observations, hands on experience and you are going somewhere.
Anyone can go to their personal University. Libraries and interlibrary loans are portals. You won’t get a degree saying you are a professional this or that but you won’t have to worry that you won’t get a job in that field either. You can mix your studies as you like. You can stop when you know what you want to know.
Warning: your IQ will get higher.
In Magdalena we have an opportunity to explore Water. There will be an Adult reading program as well as a children’s reading program on this important and basic subject. Ask about it at our library. You can start reading now but don’t miss the events this summer.
Today is Earth Day or Home Day, depending on how realistic you are. Take time to explore this earth, nothing supports you better.

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