Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magdalena "Steerleaders" Do Well At Santa Ana

The Magdalena High School cheerleading team captured third place in the Spirit State Championship at Santa Ana Star Center Saturday. The team’s combined score was 383. Coach Jennifer Armstrong said the 18 member team put in about four months work into their four minutes worth of routines. “They did fantabulous. We presented a championship performance,” Armstrong said. “They were the winners as far as I was concerned. I couldn’t have asked better of them.” She also applauded assistant coaches Chris Smith and JoAnn Jones for their work with the team throughout the year. Armstrong said next season cheerleading would be categorized as a school sport. “It will be tough, but we have time to grow,” she said. Pictured: The Magdalena “Steerleaders” pose on a stairwell at Santa Ana Star Center.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Armstrong


  1. Since Jennifer Armstrong first started coaching the Magdalena cheerleading team in 2005 the team has yet to come home from the state competition without a trophy. This team strives every day all year long to support their school and community. Jennifer makes sure that her team is at every home basketball and football game to cheer on the steers and yet the Magdalena Cheerleading team gets not the appreciation they deserve. With only one completion every year and such consistent results you would thing that maybe just one reporter would show up to the Santa Anna Star Center to document the team’s success.
    P.S. this picture shows the Magdalena Cheerleaders in a stairwell near the cafeteria where they practice every day after school.

  2. best team in the world <3 blonde