Thursday, April 22, 2010

LETTER: Opposed To A "T"

To the editor
I am writing in response to articles about M mountain's proposed name change. I certainly hope that Dr Van Romero will reconsider his idea of changing the "M" to a "T" (for Technology) on Socorro's landmark mountain. While I am a fan of technology, I am opposed to renaming Socorro's mountain. I am a Socorro native who has worked for IBM in California, Arizona, and New York. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can now move back to Socorro and work remotely for IBM (with occasional trips to New York on business). This will allow me to be near my family, visit the Bosque del Apache, hike the surrounding mountains, and enjoy the cultural events and continuing education offered by NMT.
Technology has afforded me this opportunity, so as you can well imagine, I'm someone very much in favor of technology. I'm also someone very much opposed to changing "M Mountain" to "T Mountain." There are sentimental reasons to keep the "M" as well as logical reasons.
Along with other Socorro natives, I grew up looking up at that M, as it's clearly visible from my parents' backyard. It's a part of Socorro's mining history and a part of my personal history. I hiked in its foothills, and could see it from Tech where I participated in the Socorro Swim Team throughout my youth. I have fond memories of seeing the "M" illuminated around Christmastime, and occasionally turned upside down and temporarily changed to a lighted "W" before Socorro Warriors games. I believe that the first time that this illumination occurred was when I was in high school; if memory serves me, Rob Sanford and his dad (who taught at NMT) convinced the powers there to light the mountain when Socorro High's Warriors went to the state football championship in 1976 and again in 1977. From there, it became a tradition. The lights only temporarily changed the M to a W though; we always knew we'd wake up to our M the next day.
There are also logical reasons to keep the "M." Changing the "M" to a "T" will cost many Socorro businesses and government agencies funds to change business names,
Dr. Romero's ideas to improve access to the peak are laudable; however that could be done without changing the mountain's 100-year-old tradition as "M Mountain."
I am active on Facebook, and have been glad to see that many Tech students and alumni, Tech faculty, and Socorro natives are invested in fighting the idea of changing the "M" to a "T."
If Dr. Romero is truly considering changing Socorro Mountain's "M" to a "T," I hope this decision will be made collaboratively and wisely. The best decisions are made using both logic and emotional intelligence.

Deborah Caldwell

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