Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tech to appear on MythBusters again on Nov. 18

SOCORRO – New Mexico Tech will make its fifth appearance on MythBusters in November.
The new episode on Wednesday, Nov. 18, will include footage shot at the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center during the spring of 2009.
“I’m excited to see that MythBusters will air footage from New Mexico Tech again,” Vice President of Research Dr. Van Romero said. “Originally, this footage was scheduled to appear in a show last spring, but it was so dramatic that they held it over for a later date.”
The show airs at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. Romero said he could not divulge the test that was filmed near Socorro, but he did say the footage will be visually dramatic.
“This is the most spectacular stunt ever done at New Mexico Tech for MythBusters,” he said. “I can’t reveal the exact details of the test, but I can say that it involves a high rate of speed and a very dynamic response from the target.”
New Mexico Tech was first mentioned on MythBusters when Romero was interviewed as a guest expert. During those filming sessions, Romero suggested to the show’s stars and producers that they visit Tech to conduct tests.
The MythBusters cast and crew filmed two experiments in Socorro in late 2008. EMRTC technicians taught the stars how to make diamonds using explosives and set up a high-speed test track experiment that mimicked a two-vehicle collision at 650 mph.
Romero said the new footage will be the best footage yet.
“Every time we appear on national shows, I personally see an increased interest in New Mexico Tech – both from people contacting us directly and casual comments while I’m traveling,” he said. “Plus, the MythBusters’ audience is right in the sweet spot of the type of students that we want to come to Socorro. Because of that, the exposure is priceless.”

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