Thursday, November 5, 2009

LETTER: Finley Gym Location A Secret

To the editor:
In dragging my name into the fray, Mr. Gonzales appears to be making one of his little “points”, but it sounds to me like a tired old propaganda trick -- if you can’t prove what you want to, just demonstrate something else and pretend it’s the same thing.
And the context is entirely missing. The 2004 election to which he refers was a shootout between Vicente Torres and David Wade.
My candidacy counts more as comic relief (I got four votes) than a statement about SEC politics. It certainly is not relevant to current issues.
As for the potshot about people not knowing where Finley Gym is, we can thank him for airing a long-standing problem, in spite of his intention to use it like a club against his enemies. I have long wondered why the city wants to keep the whereabouts of the gym a secret.
The legal ramifications of this are questionable validity of all meetings held there for which notice is required, at least when the notice contains only the name “Finley Gym” and no clear directions.
Bear Albrecht
San Antonio

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  1. Thanks for printing my letter intact, but might I ask one thing? Who writes the headlines on letters? And what planet is he/she from?