Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just an old-fashioned girl

Luna News
by Kaye Mindar

Especially now around the holidays when we shop in the stores we will be enticed as they have made room on the shelves for fancy shaped crackers and cookies to adorn our Holiday tables.
I fought the urge to buy a more expensive, fancier cracker; the kind you serve at a party or dinner gathering. But I gave in and splurged. When I relaxed later that evening I decided to go ahead and I ate a few, some with cheese and toppings.
They really didn’t taste that much better to me and the left over crackers still sit untouched on the cupboard. You see I went back to my plain old box of saltines and was much more satisfied as I snacked away.
I suppose I am just a simple old cracker girl and I suppose no matter how appealing they make it look, that is pretty much how I live the rest of my life too; just plain and simple.
Simple can be defined in many ways; no matter where we live we have the problems of everyday life. I told my daughter last Sunday that about one more thing on my calendar in the next week and my head will explode! Living here in the Luna valley it definitely is a slower pace of living than in the rest of this busy world but we can make each day whatever we chose.
We can take time to watch the forest trees sway in the breeze or we may have to almost race across the mountain for an appointment or errand in town.
I love this time of the year when we can wake a little earlier and see a beautiful sunrise light the sky with brilliant shades of oranges and reds and no matter what is on the calendar for the day, this plain old cracker girl will find time to visit with friends and family and hopefully just sit and watch the trees sway in the breeze.
Court of Honor
The Luna Boy Scout Court of Honor and pot luck dinner will be held at about 1:15 pm Sunday the 15th in the L.D.S. Church cultural hall. Visitors and family are all welcomed to attend. Like the saying goes “it takes a community to raise a child”.
Many in different aspects have been involved in raising such fine young men and they need to know that we all support their efforts. We have many boys from the area that have worked hard on their advancements in the scouting program.
A special thank you goes out to Lou Ann Mitchell who has been overseeing the 11 year old boys in the scouting program and was recently released from her calling. She will be greatly missed as she and her husband Clifford have spent so much of their time and talents in guiding so many of our youth through the Scouting program over the years here in Luna.
Thanksgiving Dinners
The Alpine Community Center annual community Thanksgiving dinner will be held at 1 pm Saturday. There is a flyer at the Luna Post Office for food requirements and bringing dishes for the pot luck to add to this Thanksgiving feast; organizers are taking into account those with food allergies and special needs. All are invited and welcome to attend.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Luna Ward annual Thanksgiving dinner will be held at 6 pm on Friday November 13. Again all are invited for an evening for a great meal and socializing to keep our holiday spirits up spending time with great neighbors and friends. Everyone is welcome to bring a complimenting side dish and we are all being asked to bring our favorite dessert to share.
Luna Community Center
The Luna Community Center market place is holding a special holiday themed sales weekend from 10 to 4 each day; this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be baked goods, Holiday crafts and yard sale items. You may contact Diana Moyers for more information on this or upcoming community center market place activities.
Christmas Music
A follow up “Night of Christmas Music” program to last Marchs’ “Night of Sacred Music” is being planned for 6 pm Saturday December 12th at the Luna L.D.S. Chapel.
This includes all of our neighbors and friends from all denominations and we are looking forward to a night filled with a wonderful Christmas spirit. Please contact Alberta Nicolds for more information and watch for flyers as more information becomes available.

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