Thursday, November 5, 2009

LETTER: Thank You To Walmart Employees

To the editor:
Many years ago I read about the origins of Socorro, and how it came to have its name. I was quite impressed to know that the foundation of this town rested on kindness and caring for others.
Recently, I had what could have been a bad experience in our local Walmart, but instead, the incident is recalled as a positive event.
In the early afternoon, I hurried around the store trying to find a couple of items, when I suddenly began to feel weak and shaky. I hadn't eaten any lunch, and only a small amount for breakfast, and I think what happened was that I simply ran out of fuel.
Knowing that I had better sit down, I did exactly that --- on the floor. A young female employee saw me and came to be of assistance.
When I asked for water, she suggested a soft drink. I agreed, and she hurried off to get it. Then a woman who I assume to be a supervisor came over and offered help, asking if I was diabetic. I'm not, but a person with diabetes could have the same symptoms. She suggested that I drink some orange juice, but the younger woman arrived, bringing me a 7-Up.
After drinking some of it (and feeling quite stupid sitting on the floor), I made it to the check stand, but then felt too weak to sign my name for the credit card. I had to sit on the edge of the check stand until I was a bit better, then signed and got to a chair which had been pointed out to me. The same supervisor came to check on me, and suggested I call my husband to come and get me. She borrowed a phone for me to use, and I made the call.
After my husband had arrived, we had walked almost to our vehicle when a young male store employee came running after us. He handed me a pint of orange juice and said "You're supposed to drink this".
I drank it on the way home and it helped a lot.
Aside from saying a very public "Thank you" to the Walmart employees, I'd like for the rest of you to know that the spirit of caring and kindness is still alive in Socorro. These were young persons who helped me, so that means that those of you who are their parents have done a fine job of passing on the tradition.
My sincere thanks to all of you.
Audrie Clifford

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