Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wishing Everybody A Happy New Year

Luna News
by Kaye Mindar

Amidst a daily dose of depressing news on television, searching the Internet, and sometimes among our own families, we must step back at the beginning of this New Year and reflect on how far we have actually come. Looking at the larger historical picture gives eye-opening perspectives that offer hope - and providing stronger inspiration for the new year. In these days, with all of the gloom and doom, it should be obvious that we need mega-doses of the above. We can do it.
Luna Visitors
Luna received a beautiful white Christmas this year although there were a few uninvited guests this holiday season. Temperatures reached as low as minus 10 down by the river after the skies cleared. Patti Swapp finally got her cast off which was a blessing after suffering for so long with the inconvenience. Susie Ley brought home a nasty cold from visiting family and friends in Northern New Mexico, and I spent a seven hour visit in the emergency room in Springerville, Ariz., on Saturday for a pinched nerve - only to come home to hold a grandbaby with a fever spiking.
Here in Luna, we take the good ahead of the bad and see the blessings shine forth. I believe it is in our pioneer spirit and never taking for granted the thankfulness for what we enjoy so greatly above the trials.
Holiday Travelers
After being able to visit her son for Thanksgiving, Tana Muldoon was able to spend Christmas with Ella Hutchinson. Visits far and near always mean so much. Grace Derrick was surrounded by family with children, extended grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The Richard Nicolds family had
a traditional Christmas in Snowflake, Ariz., with their daughter Rebecca, who made enough of her infamous tamales to feed the entire family. We can’t mention everyone, of course we’ll forget someone, but we hope everyone’s travels and holidays were all they hoped for and full of love, peace and safe travels.
Preparedness Corner
Besides good nutrition, regular exercise and restful sleep play major roles in naturally preventing the problem of winter infections. Don't forget the importance of healthy, normal bacteria in your digestive system. Did you know that Vitamin D3 is a very important weapon to keep in your cold-weather medicine chest? Many rely solely on vitamin C complexes, but we must not discount the benefits in D3 complexes, which include a special form of good bacteria for digestion. They are listed under probiotics and keep the immune system working at its peak, suppressing many harmful bacteria, yeast, and viruses. It seems we fight a never ending battle to stay healthy these days, and cold and flu season are once again coming into play in the months ahead.
Quote of the Week
“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.”


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