Wednesday, December 30, 2009

London Frontier Theatre To Enter 15th Year

London Frontier Theatre Company has become a respected fixture in Magdalena, and will be entering its 15th year of producing original plays, performed by local residents.
Theatre Director Donna Todd has announced that for the 2010 season LFTC will do fewer plays but longer runs, giving casts and crews more rehearsal time to reach higher artisitic standards, and giving audiences not only finer productions but more performance dates on which to see them.
“This season we’ll return to Lost Wife Creek for at least two shows,” Todd said in a press release. “We – and our audiences – have missed the Aragons and the Trotters, who came to life in 2001 in The Luck of Lost Wife Creek.”
For those unfamiliar with Lost Wife Creek, the series is set in Depression-era 1930’s rural New Mexico. Roosevelt’s New Deal has begun and the cast of characters share in dreams of lost gold, stardom in “talkies,” and a Spanish land grant. The realities they face include drought, a ne’er do well son, and a decrepit old flivver. Each episode of the series is a complete play.
Todd said “we’ll also be promoting ‘Lost Wife Creek’ for public television. We believe it can, and will, find its place as a television series, and attract –as it has in our theatre over the years – a large and devoted audience.
“It’s not today’s typical TV fare, with its harking back to early live-television days,” she said. “But we believe that the humor, character development, history, and immediacy of presentation will create a following in much the way ‘Lake Woebegon’ has on radio. Viewer identification, and nostalgia for a lifestyle that, while difficult, is remembered as solid and enduring. And its extreme relevance to today’s hard times.”

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