Wednesday, December 30, 2009

City Council Sets Fee For Water Connection Hookups

By John Larson

SOCORRO – The Socorro City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance raising water connection rates. The law sets the fees for both residential and business hookups.
The fee for a standard residential water connection will be the cost of materials and labor, plus 20 percent.
For a commercial connection, the fee will be the cost of materials and labor, plus $200.
The cost of asphalt, concrete cuts, and dewatering, if needed, also will be charged.
In a public hearing held before the vote, there were no comments from the public.
The council heard a first reading for an ordinance that will require home owners on Harold Drive, and Chaparral Loop to hook up to the city’s sewer lines. The ordinance states that if homeowners outside the city limits sign up within the next 12 months, the cost to them will be $280. After the first year, they must pay $1,000 for a connection.
For homeowners inside the city limits, the cost will be $280 during the first year; $600 the second year; and $1,000 after that.
The goal of the administration and council is that all residences and businesses within 100 feet of sewer lines to be on the wastewater system.
In other business:
The Council passed an ordinance to approved a bond measure to help pay for a wastewater project. The total cost of the project is $1.2 million. The city’s matching amount is $132,000, which will be fulfilled after 40 monthly payments of $5,400.

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