Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Message To Our Mountain Mail Friends

From The Publisher

First, let all of us here at the Mountain Mail thank every business, school, residence and government office in Socorro and Catron Counties for choosing our newspaper to advertise and announce family events and important issues in your lives for the last 30 years.
We also want to thank you for buying and reading the Mountain Mail throughout the years and letting us be a part of your families.
The Mountain Mail invites all Socorro and Catron County businesses to call 575-838-5555 and ask about our low cost advertising.
We understand that times are tough and we’re all in this together. We just want all of our fellow business associates to get through this economic challenge as safely and as financially sound as possible.
We’re willing to adjust and help so that your business can continue to advertise in an affordable fashion and still continue to pay your employees and keep your business moving until we all get through these rough times.
The Mountain Mail and its staff know that advertising is an important part of doing business, and like you, we want to be able to work through this, and we promise to be by your side and help in any way we can.
We’re a local small community newspaper that really cares about our neighbors and we want to see everyone come out of the current economic situation stronger and even more determined than ever.
Our advertising prices will continue to be fair and lower than any of our competitors.
We’re a phone call away and we’re ready to stand by you and your business for as long as it takes. If you need us to come and sit with you and work on any aspect of your annual advertising ideas, we’d be honored to do that at your convenience. Together, we can work it all out, and together we’ll all be just fine.
We wish every business, their families and our neighbors from across the vast Socorro and Catron Counties A HAPPY NEW YEAR FILLED WITH GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY!
Our Mountain Mail Management and Staff.

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