Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petition To Recall Trustee Wolberg Now Underway

By Patrick Jason Rodriguez

Another recall campaign by the Socorro Electric Cooperative Reform Group is officially underway in District 3.   
A petition to recall Co-op Trustee Donald Wolberg commenced on Friday, Dec. 3. As per the co-op’s written bylaws, petitioners need at least 10 percent of member-owners signatures to remove a sitting trustee.
Wolberg is one of six current board members representing District 2, which encompasses the city of Socorro.
The petition’s proponent, Charlene Wagner, in an email sent out Friday said that Wolberg “has been granted this honor because so many members consider that he has betrayed them by running as a reform candidate and then joining the board majority in actions detrimental to the members' interests.”
Also cited in the email were concerns regarding the costs of an informational meeting in March, which, according to Wagner, was little more than propaganda disguised as a lecture, and ballot issues regarding the annual members’ meeting in April. “This ballot,” Wagner wrote, “included threatening comments and untruths and voting was held by a show of hands which limited members’ freedom of action as opposed to a secret ballot.”
Wolberg, in a telephone on Wednesday, said that he has no interest in the petition and plans to go about his business as usual. In fact, he added that if the petition comes his way, he’d add his name to it.
“If they can find 400 people to sign the petition, that’s fine,” he said. “I’ve always been independently minded.”
This most recent campaign comes less than a month after a petition with allegedly a sufficient amount of signatures to recall Co-op President Paul Bustamante, the only board representative in District 2, was presented at a regular meeting by member-owner Richard Epstein.


  1. The one to recall is Charlie Wagner poor Charlie!!!!!!

  2. The number one issue is the rate of pay that the "trustees" have "approved" for themselves year after year. Ask yourself when have you as a member owner ever voted on their per-deim rate of pay? answer-never, when have you as a member-owner approved as to how many "trustees" travel for training purposes? None of you, If the average per "trustee" is 45 thousand dollars per year and the only way is to sign a petition then yes by all means sign it, and Mr Lopez is wrong the member-owners have the only say so as to who gets voted in and who gets voted out (by petition) not an attorney that the member owners pay for yet seems to defend the "trustees". The demand should be that these "trustees" who have approved their rate of pay all these years should pay restitution back to the member-owners period.