Thursday, December 9, 2010

LETTER: Price Of Co-op Membership

Dear Editor:
The member-owners of the Socorro Electric Cooperative need to examine this new rate increase closely. Most of the increase is in the system charge (from $9 to $15) and only a small amount in the kilowatt hourly rate (from 12.15 cents to 12.5 cents per hour). The Co-op has intentionally designed the new rate this way to prevent a loss of revenue if the consumers start conserving energy. By the same token, this hampers the consumers ability to save money by installing those funny light bulbs handed out at the annual SEC meeting or implementing the energy saving tips printed in the Enchantment magazine. Such measures will only affect the hourly rate portion of their bill and not the system charge. The SEC might be fully justified in structuring the increase in this way, but it limits the member-owners opportunity to lessen the impact on their wallets.

Anne L. Dorough
Pie Town

1 comment:

  1. It takes 25 members to protest rates as to PRC rules. It will cost the Coop money but if you think it is unreasonable protest the rates when they are publicized and let the Coop defend. Whats new look at all the money they are spending on attorneys to defend what they have done wrong!!!!!!!!!!