Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mountain Mail Delivers Early Christmas Gift

The Mountain Mail ownership and staff have decided to pitch in even further during this economic slow down by rolling back the price of the only locally owned community newspaper to just “two bits”. That’s right – only one quarter. The first thing the ownership and staff decided after buying the Mountain Mail a little more than a year ago was to lower advertising prices to a more affordable level in order to help fellow businesses continue to have the ability to advertise during these tough economic times, and pass the savings on to their customers and our loyal readers at the same time. It’s no secret that the Mountain Mail offers the lowest newspaper advertising prices in New Mexico.
“We understand that the current business and job situation is tough on everyone,” said former Socorro Mayor and business partner Tony Jaramillo. “If we’re going to get through these hard times together, everyone in Socorro and Catron Counties need to work as one. This just seems like the right thing to do right now.”
Your hometown Mountain Mail begins its lower price in this edition and will continue with the new price through the holidays and into the New Year, and revisit the question of pricing again in July. Subscribers will still be charged our very low annual rate due to the fact that we still have to pay labor to have every individual subscriber’s newspaper labeled, and weekly payments for postage must still be paid to get the news and great stories to all of our loyal readers across the country.
“We wish we could cut the price for subscribers, as well, but it’s just not financially feasible, so we’ll sell all counter and coin machine papers for only 25 cents,” general manager Gary Jaramillo said. “We’re not exactly sure how long it’s been since a newspaper has sold for two bits anywhere in New Mexico, but we felt like it was a great opportunity to pass this price cut on to everyone at this time.
“It’s a matter of helping our business clients by getting more papers into potential customers hands with their advertising in it, and making it easier for our neighbors here in Socorro and Catron Counties to buy a Mountain Mail for 50 percent less and still get the same great weekly stories, columns and news to which they are accustomed. And if we can keep more quarters in our readers’ pockets, maybe they’ll have just a little bit more to save and spend at local businesses on the important things that they have to have for their own family needs. If everyone in our little corner of the world helped one another, we’ll all come through during these hard times all right – just like we’ve done so many times before.
The Mountain Mail is still – and will always be – your No. 1 news source and only locally owned community newspaper. So grab a quarter for your newspaper each Thursday, and use the other one for a down payment on the future. We’re proud of the work we do, and proud to be a part of Socorro and Catron Counties – and we count everyone as dear friends. With a positive attitude and all of us helping each other in any way we can, we’ll be just fine – even if we do it one quarter at a time.
Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

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