Friday, October 1, 2010

Rugby: Tech Falls Against NMSU

By Dave Wheelock

The education of the New Mexico Tech women's rugby team continued Saturday as the Pygmy Queens traveled to Las Cruces for their second straight weekend of action against the more experienced New Mexico State University Lady Chiles. The downstate team graciously loaned a few players to fill out the Tech side before administering a class in the school of hard knocks.
Tech's forwards, led by Andrea Buckel, Christina Nararez, and Michaela Rempkowski did well in set scrums, repeatedly driving the Lady Chiles off the ball, but once the ball came into open play the home team showed the advantages only playing experience can bestow. Despite the best efforts of scrum half Erika Summers and center Lynnae Logan, the first of two informal matches resulted in a Lady Chiles advantage of 48 points to NMT's 0.
Andi Buckel, Michaela Rempkowski, and Renae Hickman went over to the NMSU side in exchange for an equal number of Lady Chiles, and a shorter match ensued. New Mexico State also got the better of this encounter, winning 22-0, but not before Danielle Shipley provided some excitement for the Queens. Fielding the ball from a kickoff, Ms. Shipley sprinted away from the defense and had a long run for glory before being tackled just short of the try line. Unfortunately her teammates were unable to convert great field position into points.
Plans are underway for Tech's fledgling Queens to combine forces with NMSU for the 30th annual Arizona Tens tournament October 9-10 in Flagstaff, where the athletic potential of the Socorro players combined with NMSU experience could generate dynamic results. At the minimum New Mexico Tech's female ruggers will advance their rugby abilities via the game's - and life's - best teacher: experience.

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