Friday, October 1, 2010

EDITORIAL: Crows Are Back!  

Just Thinking out Loud

By Gary Jaramillo

Every year’ bout this time there are these really neat signs that nature begins to push our way each day, like the cooler mornings, crisper evening football games and gorgeous perfect weather days that say Summer will soon be fast asleep and dreaming of the next seasons bright sunshine.  We see the slow pace of ants, crickets, spiders, wasps and other crawly thingies that begin to disappear from sight altogether ‘til springtime.
At my home, I know it’s time for a bit of Potato soup and crackers and fireplace action when my annual fly in guests loudly announce their arrival in the big lot that surrounds my home.  The average winter guests stand about 1 ½ feet high and weigh in at about 10 pounds.  The king crows can weigh in at as much as 15 pounds.  These boys get really big and fat.  They come to my house each year to harvest our walnuts and pecans and then make our garden area their roost for the whole winters.  Yes, our Annual Murder of Crows are a lot of fun to have around for Halloween.  Gives the huge lot a very scary look and is a blast for the kids who dare each other to run through the lot alone really fast.  I love it because as everyone knows, Halloween is our family’s favorite time of the year.
So many cool things happen each year during and after Halloween.  The colleges get    their breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve and many Socorro kids come home for their breaks.  It’s a great feeling getting to see them again and talk with them about their experiences in college life.   Just being inside and cozy with loving family members and friends during the holidays and the winter months is worth the sometimes unbearable cold.  Of course, people who live through REAL winters laugh at all of us when we complain about our 30 and 40 degree winter days.  It’s really funny if you think about it.  It snows here in Socorro for all of 20 minutes at a time, and we all panic and start bouncing off the curbs and calling off school or putting everything on a time delay schedule, and then it’s all gone just as soon as the sun peeks out from behind one cloud.  We’re a kooky bunch when it comes to winter around here.
My only advise would be to live every season to the fullest and keep things light and enjoy the beauty of everything around you.  The San Miguel Fiestas, The Chile Proppers and October Fest are all happening this weekend right here in town.  How cool is that?  It’s just awesome.
With the change in seasons, comes so many fun and interesting things to participate in with your children and family.  And please don’t forget that the Bosque Del Apache Festival of the Cranes is just around the corner.  We are so very lucky that everyone who lives in our area works so hard to bring such wonderful family events to Socorro all year round.
With all of the other sometimes ugly stuff going on in the world, it’s nice to know there are places we can go to forget about the “not so good” things, and have a nice day out with friends and family and forget for just a little while.
Get out this weekend and soak in our beautiful fall weather and friendships.  Visit and enjoy our kids runnin’ around acting silly and loving life.  Partake in all of the great food that will be offered at every venue and event - and just be happy that you’ve been given another day to live, love and exist.  We need to be like the crows and harvest all of the wonderful things that are just sitting there waiting to be tasted.
Your Hometown Mountain Mail New Editor “Rebecca Rose” will be out and about at each event ready to meet everyone.  We hope to see you this weekend just loving life and one another!   Get out and make some fun happen!

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