Thursday, August 5, 2010

Magdalena Looks At Feasibility Of Youth Council

By John Larson

MAGDALENA – A small group of concerned Magdalena students and adults met in Village Hall Saturday morning, July 31, to look at the feasibility and possibilities of a Youth Council.
Village Board Trustees Barbara Baca, Carmen Torres and Tommy Torres, Mayor Sandy Julian and Clerk Rita Broaddus discussed ideas brought up by Magdalena students Nathan Martel and Martin Harris.
Teacher Sharon Harris and resident Sayward Harris were also present.
The roundtable discussion was inspired by Senate Memorial Bill 34, which encourages communities in New Mexico to form youth advisory boards and councils at the local level.
The bill stated that there is a “need for youth to participate in the governance system of their communities on all matters affecting young people, such as building healthier communities, combating violence, conducting public forums and advising on your-appropriate substance abuse programming.”
According to the bill, the youth council would be expected to work on such issues as curfews, cruising, truancy, skateboard parks, underage drinking and “youth space” programming.
Martin Harris, a Magdalena High School sophomore, first suggested priorities for the student-run commission, including open communication between youth and school.
“Some coordinated activities for youth could include learning CPR and First Aid, basketball and pool tournaments, guitar lessons, and programs to and Juan Gutierrez had broken into Dawson’s house on July 2 by breaking out a back window,” the complaint said. “Peralta told us they took a book of checks and he took one check and Gutierrez took the rest of the book for himself.
“Peralta also advised us that Gutierrez gave him a gun that was found in the house and Peralta stated he threw it to the ground.”
The complaint said the two left the house by the side door and left it unlocked, and that no guns were taken when they left.
“Peralta stated he did not go back to the house after they left, but he was not sure if Gutierrez had [gone] back or not,” the complaint said.
Also taken from the home was a credit card, a 31 Cal Pistol Revolver 5 shot,a Ball and Cap Black Powder Western Boot Gun, a Double Barrel 20 Gauge shotgun, and a .22 Luger pistol.
Marshal Larry Cearley told the Mountain Mail another Magdalena man, Monroe Monte, was found guilty of larceny in connection with the theft on July 14 of one floor jack and one set heavy duty jumper cables from the residence of Louis Latasa. Monte was sentenced July 18 to 30 days in the Socorro County Detention Center, and ordered to pay $300 reimbursement by Magdalena Municipal Judge Robert Serna.

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