Friday, June 4, 2010

Open House Scheduled For Catron County Wellness Center

Special to the Mountain Mail

Excitement is growing about the first ever Catron County natural wellness center, located at the rear of the Frisco Lodging motel Southeast of Reserve.
On Saturday, June 12 at 2 p.m., there will be an open house featuring music and snacks, herbal teas and gourmet coffee, and opportunity to get familiar with the facility and get to know the practitioners.
Featured will be the local herbalist Kiva Rose, known for her effective use of regionally
available native plants in the treatment of various health problems and imbalances. Her Medicine Woman Herbal Clinic will begin serving clients there each and every Wednesday, with personal wellness consultations.
Also likely to attend this event will be Kristen Ehrlich, the resident certified massage therapist, providing pleasurable treatments that not only ease aches and aid relaxation, but also support the body’s own healing processes.
Frisco Lodging & Wellness Center is the vision of Jennifer Swenson, longtime proprietor of the gourmet Adobe Cafe. Her interest in contributing the health and well being of the community, inspired her to dedicate one of her buildings to this purpose, an attractively decorated space set back from the road and affording privacy for consultations and treatments
For information on Herbal Consultations, call and leave your number at: 575-519-1669. For info and directions to the Wellness Center, call: 575-533-6600.

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