Friday, June 4, 2010

EDITORIAL: ‘Wanabees’ Statement An Absolute Insult to Members

By John Severance
Mountain Mail editor

It’s been a week and I’m still trying to digest what happened at the latest Socorro Electric Cooperative board meeting.
The first thing on my mind is what are these guys hiding?
I’m still stunned about a particular comment made by co-op attorney Dennis Francish.
It was bad enough that the trustees allowed Francish to file paperwork fighting the legality of three bylaw amendments passed overwhelmingly by the members at their annual meeting in April.
One of the bylaws concerned the open meetings act and the inspection of public records act. The co-op board members and their attorney would have been well served to attend the attorney general’s seminar in Socorro last week on those two particular topics. Kudos, though, have to be given to Charlie Wagner and Prescilla Mauldin for attending the seminars.
But I digress.
Near the end of the meeting last Wednesday night, Francish had the gall to say while addressing the members in attendance, “All you people in the audience are just wanabees. You come to these meetings because you want to be trustees - well run for a trustee seat."
Are you kidding me?
That’s the last thing members want. They do not attend co-op meetings because they want to be trustees. They go because they want change and they want to see the bylaws they adopted be implemented immediately.
What he said was absolutely reprehensible and insulting and he should have been censured by the trustees. But that’s not going to happen.
With what has transpired in the past month and in fact the past five months, it’s very apparent that Francish represents the trustees and not the whole cooperative.
But here is the real disturbing part.
Francish would like nothing more than to see this whole co-op mess play out in court.
The longer it stays in court, the more he gets paid.
And what’s most insulting?
His fee gets paid by the members.
Any attorney, who makes a comment like Francish did, is just a plain old “has been.”
It’s clear as crystal that this guy has absolutely no concept of just how serious this whole mess is going to get, yet he keeps telling the trustees what they want to hear and keeps insulting the member-owners.

Time To Recall?

Well apparently, the members are finally mad enough and they are going to take some action.
First off, it’s surprising a class action suit has not been filed yet against the board.
Secondly, plans for a recall election just now are finally getting underway.
I have to say it’s about time.
On Wednesday night at the Socorro Library, members, organized by Lemitar resident Charlene West, held an organizational meeting to recall the trustees, who are refusing to put the propositions passed at the annual meeting into effect.

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