Friday, June 4, 2010

For The Love Of Dance

By Gary Jaramillo
Publisher, Mountain Mail

Some time ago Julie Cottom suffered a stroke that debilitated her and left the future unsure for the beloved local famed dance instructor and native Socorroan. The news of Julie’s stroke was a shock for all in Socorro and really hit home for many Socorroans because people were saying, “not Julie, she’s done so much for Socorro children.”
No one has ever found the answer as to why awful things happen to our most beloved, but Julie never let it get her down and continued the Cottom School of Dance, and with help from former students the school has continued on quite well.
After her mother moved away from Socorro, Julie continued to build the dance school into a permanent and important part of Socorro. Many young ladies and boys have learned specialty dancing from Julie throughout the years and all of them owe her a debt of gratitude because they didn’t only learn about dancing, but they learned etiquette, manners, respect and love for other people. Julie has also been teaching for the Socorro Consolidated Schools for some time as well.
Julie walked into the Mountain Mail this week to order an ad for her annual Dance recital this weekend, and I haven’t seen a more vibrant and hopeful beautiful young lady like Julie in sometime. She hasn’t let the stroke slow her down and plans to begin teaching full dance classes and high school english classes again very soon.
Too often we hear about medical setbacks that completely slow ones life to a crawl, but not in Julie’s case. I haven’t seen anyone so happy and ready to take on the world as my friend Julie.
If this stroke stuff thought it was going to win, it was dead wrong. Julie has it on the run and is on her way to a completely positive recovery, physically and psychologically . She’s always been one of Socorro toughest and devoted business women, and now she’s proving it with flying colors.
When she left the office, I felt good about life and the possibilities ahead. It’s obvious that Julie is now teaching something called “life lessons and how to live through the roughest of challenges with a smile.” Julie said, it’s just life and you just have to keep living it every day and never stop being positive about every part of it.
I have no doubt that Julie will be back to 100 percent in the very near future and will be continuing on with her love for dance, children and life. Now if that isn’t good news that should get everyone moving and thinking more positively about their current troubles, then I don’t know what is?
The Mountain Mail crew wishes Julie the absolute best in her recovery and the wonderful things she plans to continue with very soon. The coolest thing is that all of us will reap the benefits of her wonderful attitude and outlook on the challenges she has had to face. If all of us just give a tiny amount of the will that Julie has shown, we’ll all be just fine in the long run.
This good news is brought to you by the words: hope, hard work, love, family, friends, faith and spirit!

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